About Us

GirlyvedA's- Our Story

Ayurvedic goodness for women health

Girlyveda is a brand created to make a women’s life easy with the help of Ayurvedic scripts. Women are the most strongest and important pillars of our society but in today’s busy world women and their health are the most neglected topic in our society. Most of the time all of us even the women themselves ignore their problems and sometimes they are just not aware of what they are facing may be they are just embarrassed to talk about these problems because we are not taught properly by our elders about this. But to ease your worry, girlyveda is here to spread awareness about women and their health problems and will also take care of all your needs.

Trust is the key:

Girlyveda is a trustworthy brand deals in making organic products to cure all your problems. Girlyveda knows how important your trust is and that is why to make your trust intact in us, we have prepared large range of organic products specially curated for all your daily needs so, that in this busy monotonic lifestyle at least you won’t neglect yourself. We work to deliver nature to your doorsteps in beautiful packets.

Women and their needs

Women face many health changes and challenges as they grow from an infant to a fully grown adult. Sometimes, they face some serious health issues like PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) which are the most common and serious health issues in women. These diseases are controllable but in most of the cases in India it leads to death. This is all because of the lack of awareness about these in our society. Girlyveda took this initiative to spread awareness about all the women related health issues and also treat them with care. Girlyveda is the one stop solution for every girl’s better health. 

Chemical free and safe to use

Our experts have gone beyond their limits to create organic products which are based on ancient texts and have been re-imagined to gift you the goodness of nature. These products have passed many clinical tests before reaching to you. These products are 100% natural and safe to use. Our products are free from harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde, phthalate, PFAS and other chemical ingredients. Your health and wellbeing is our first and topmost priority that is why we have made products keeping your wellbeing in mind, So that you can use our products without having any worry.